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Welcome to the Garden Shop Portslade Horticultural Society.We stock a wide range of products many of them up to 40% off the usual retail price. In order to receive this discount you just need to sign up as a member when you make your first purchase at the shop. As well as making a saving on the products in the catalogue you will be helping a local community project that is in it’s 99th year.

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Marrow - table dainty

Price : £1.99 £1.30

Medium-sized fruits striped pale and dark green. Early maturing, and excellent for exhibition. Trailing variety. Heritage Seed Variety, 1938 packet details - This valuable Vegetable Marrow has attained a very popular position. The fruits are small to medium size, of the finest quality, and of a most attractive appearance, being striped with pale green on a darker ground. Yields a prolific crop early in the season.


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